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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Backstage With Julia

I just finished reading a very fun book about a woman who influenced my love and respect for fresh ingredients and cooking, Julia Child. Backstage With Julia, was written by her longtime Executive Chef, Nancy Verde Barr. Yes, even a Southern cook can love a California transplant to New England. I'm happy to say Julia was responsible for teaching me many techniques.

I was asked to review this book by my friends over at the very cool,
Cheftalk Cooking Forum and was eager to dive into the read and was amazed at how quickly I turned the pages. A quick reading, page turner describes my weekend with Julia. Barr's writing is engaging and really allows you to feel the complex personality that made up Julia Child, America's First Lady of Cooking.

You can read the entire review at the
Cookbook Review Forum at ChefTalk. You can also buy the book by clicking on their Amazon link. Bon Appetit.
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